Thanks for attending the R200 Conference and Study Tour

Established over 10 years ago by Restaurant magazine, the R200 club is made of the top multi-site restaurant groups from across the UK. Each year, the R200 hosts three events that bring together owners and operators from across the country to discuss current trends, build strong relationships, celebrate successes and support one another in what is a vibrant, but challenging sector.

Our most recent event was the London Conference and Study Tour, which returned to London on the 12th March. We heard from some brilliant speakers across the sector who shared their stories and insight into the industry. This was followed by a venture around London for a sculpted restaurant tour to eat, drink, and be merry whilst also seeing what’s new and interesting on the scene.

Our next event to look forward to will be the R200 Christmas Party & Awards night, which sees us distribute awards to the latest & greatest in the restaurant industry in a range of categories in a night of eating, drinking, jubilation & celebration for a prospering marketplace.

Our target audience for these events is Owner/Operators, Senior Board, Operations Dir/Mngs, Marketing Dir/Mngs and other senior personnel from multi-site groups in the UK. If you’re interested in attending our R200 Christmas Party & Awards, or have any questions around sponsorship opportunities for the event, please get in touch.