Nisha Katona

Nisha Katona was a child protection Barrister for 20 years and is the founder and CEO of Mowgli Street Food restaurants. She is the author of The Spice Tree, The Mowgli Cook Book and Pimp My Rice. Nisha films for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Food Network. She also regularly appears as a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Kitchen Cabinet. She has taught Indian cookery for over 10 years and has a series of YouTube video tutorials that have a worldwide following. She has over 28,000 twitter followers.


Nisha opened the first Mowgli back on Bold Street Liverpool in 2014 when she was still working full time as a Barrister. The popular restaurant expanded quickly to Manchester just a year later, and now has sites in Birmingham and Oxford, as well as opening its doors in Nottingham this summer.  Mowgli is about how Indians eat in their homes and on the street, pared back and unplugged. The selection of dishes feed that yearning Indians have for bright intense rich flavours. Rather than a quiet or intimate dining experience, Mowgli is about the smash and grab and taste adventure.